Saturday, September 6, 2008

I don't wear much jewelry and I almost never wear any type of ring. So I'm always confused when I'm out with my friends and I get asked if I'm married. Married?! It happens more than you'd expect and definitely more than is appropriate. I don't have an issue with marriage and it's not like I wouldn't like to be married someday but the number of factors indicating non-married status way outnumber any factors that would say "yeah, she's legally committed." No wedding ring, no engagement ring- not even one of the Irish ones your turn around after a few good dates. No husband or children in tow and, when I'm asked this, it is usually when I'm out with a group of equally single, jewel-free girls.

So, with all of these factors pointing to single and a disproportionate number of inquiries about whether I have hyphenated surname, I started to wonder- what could it that is saying "married" to people?

Do I look like already decided to let myself go? Do I give off the vibe that I'd rather be painting a living room or shopping for sconces? Did I unwittingly purchase and wear mom jeans?

I don't know the answer- although that time I forgot my fannie pack when I went out to the bar I did see a drop in questions about my marital status...