Saturday, April 12, 2008

In No Particular Order- 25 Coolest Things

- I went to a bull fight in Spain

- I went on a tour of a rural village in Morocco

- I lost my driver's license at the shore and the next day it washed up on the beach and a lifeguard who knew my sister found it, recognized me and got it back to me

-When I was twelve I told off my neighbor who was hosing off his driveway in the middle of the afternoon during a severe drought and he listened to me and turned his hose off and swept the driveway instead

- I sang "Midnight Train to Georgia" at a Karaoke bar and got a standing ovation

- I did the Running Man in the aisle of a train to Philadelphia on New Year's Eve and everyone in the car chanted my name (after my friends started the chant- the passengers didn't just happen to know my name)

- I snuck a picture of the David in Florence

- I won a TiVo at my company holiday party

- I won class representative in third grade by running an honest, clean campaign

- I read the most books of any girl in my school in fifth grade (it doesn't have to be cool to the general public, only to me- I acknowledge that I am a nerd)

- I got the number for Tina Fey's direct line at Saturday Night Live and called and left her a message (still waiting on the return call)

- I had a whirlwind romance with a handsome Italian man on a trip to Florence that included running hand in hand down a cobble stone street- very Roman Holiday

- I sent a tape of myself singing to a radio station for a contest and they played the whole song on the radio and the DJs said it was good

- I played with the monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar

- When I was 11 I learned how to sail a sailboat, I've since forgotten but that's not the point

- When I was in eighth grade a radio station had a call-in contest looking for the best new campaign slogan for Bob Dole, my slogan won: "Bob Dole- America's right-hand man." (if you don't get it, just Google Bob Dole and hand)

- I taught a muscular Russian boy to speak fluently in Philadelphia vernacular

- I got asked to audition for lead role in Hairspray on Broadway

- I emceed the pep rallies and assemblies my senior year in high school and actually made them fun

- I met my favorite author, David Sedaris twice and had an extended conversation with him the second time

- I let Rachel Dratch from SNL into the seat next to me to watch a comedy show

- I caught a bagel- if you want to know the story you'll have to ask- it requires too much description to write it in this list

- On a trip to Universal Studios when I was six my brother and I got picked out of line to be in a show riding the giant bee from Honey I Shrunk the Kids

- I was the "May Queen" in the May procession in second grade

- I started this blog

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jennabk129 said...

First. I didn't realize you were such an accomplished singer. You need to stop by my office to tell me the bagel story but you need to sing it so I can hear your voice. Second. The license story is unbelievable. Finally, I too have an Italian man I met in Florence on my list of the coolest things as well as some other lists I have.