Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's Just Order In

For the past week I've been on vacation at my family's beach house in Sea Isle City. Whenever I'm here, any thoughts I have of eating well usually go right out the window. We eat hot dogs on the beach, my dad makes pancakes every weekend morning, pizza and cheese steaks are ordered with frequency. Since we don't cook that much, the groceries we do have tend to stick around for a while.

After sneaking into the pool at the hotel down the street the other day, my mom, sister and I came home looking for a snack and I was struck by the contents of our kitchen. Some of the standouts were as follows:

- Three jars of peanut butter of various consistencies
- Three half full containers of cream cheese
- Approximately seven boxes of crackers, all open
- A jar of ginger spread and two unopened jars of mint jelly
- Two bottles of Italian dressing, both with about a tablespoon left
- A can Keystone Light, a can of Natty Light and a bottle of some sort of blue wine cooler
- A head of iceberg lettuce with a large brown slimy spot
- One cubic inch of mozzarella cheese wrapped in about two feet of Saran wrap
- Two half full bags of crab chips
- Five bottles of syrup, four opened
- An assortment of small plastic cups with lids containing dressings and dips that accompanied salads and sandwiches long since digested and forgotten
- A container of marshmallow fluff that was described and "grainy" ...which has not deterred anyone from eating it or putting it back in the cabinet when they finish eating their spoonful

Needless to say I'm pretty sad to be leaving.

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