Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I have certainly been remiss in my blogging over the past couple of weeks, but I'm not sorry since I've been having too good a time with friends and family to sit down and write anything.

It has been a great visit and I've gotten to do and see and have pretty much everything and everyone I wanted...well, I haven't done any people, that was misleading, perhaps not the best way to phrase that. In any event, it's been fun.

Some of the things I was most excited about and got to do are the following (you'll notice something of a correlation to the post I wrote about what I miss about the US):

- I ate multiple Wawa hoagies and other delights
- I got to meet and hold my cousin Jen's new baby
- I had Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, thanks to a late-night sojourn by Jackie and Andrew
- I played shuffle board at my Uncle's bar
- I drank Yeungling and requested about $15 worth of songs on the juke box at Tierney's in Montclair
- I went to the spa with my mom, sister and sister in law and got a massage
- I sang Karaoke with my cousin in front of several family members and other bar patrons
- I slept to my heart's content in my super comfy bed in Sea Isle City
- I got a guitar for Christmas and bought a book to learn how to play it
- I went grocery shopping with my Dad, which has been one of our 'things' since I was about 6 years old
- I got to see just about all of my best friends (and I really am one of the luckiest people ever in that I actually do have about five best friends)
- I helped decorate the Christmas tree
- I just got to be silly with my brother and sister
- I played some slots in Atlantic City
- I rubbed my pregnant friend's belly and helped construct the crib for the baby
- I visited Coyne PR and hung out with my old colleagues
- I went to see a show at the UCB
- I wrapped presents and cuddled with my sister
- I ate a few slammin Greco family weekend breakfasts
- I got to be home

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Stephen K said...

I don't think holidays get much more awesome than that to be honest! :D