Sunday, December 18, 2011

You Better Watch Out

In a preview to becoming Mrs.Gogarty, I got to spend a couple days as Mrs. Claus to John's Santa this weekend.

John has dressed up as Santa for years to visit the kids of friends and family. We got down to the wire on getting my costume but Party City came through on Thursday night.

We suited up on Saturday morning, I tried to put eye make-up on John, but he wasn't having it, and we were on our way.

Driving around Morristown as Santa and Mrs. Claus in an Audi convertible with the top down might be one of the most fun experiences ever. We'd honk as we passed kids on the street and waved when we'd hear grown men yell "SANTA!!!" from across the street.

We wound our way around New Jersey and Pennsylvania, delighting and terrifying children of various ages and reveling in Christmas cheer. One of my favorite parts may have been the way parents could laugh at how completely horrified their children were of Santa, giggling and taking pictures while the kids screamed and reached for them- I can't wait for the kids to look back on those pictures one day and know the parents did the right thing.

Being Mrs. Claus was so much fun, I can't imagine how great being Mrs. Gogarty is going to be.

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