Friday, July 27, 2012

Mrs. G.

I finally got around to the surreal task of legally changing my name this week. I went to the Social Security Administration office at lunch one day. After a few games of wordsearch on my phone, my number got called and I went up to the window. I wasn't really sure how to state my business, so I just pushed my marriage certificate through the space between the glass and the counter. The man behind the glass asked what I was there for. "I need to change my name. I got married so I need to change my last name," I told him. "Married? What'd you go and do that for?" he asked. "He convinced me," I laughed. He paused, looked at me for the first time, then looked back down at his paperwork. "He convinced you with that ring." "That helped." Neither of us said anything more, and less than two minutes later, he handed me back my documents along with another print out, a receipt, if you will, for my new name. Nice to have, but I don't think I'll be returning it any time soon.

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