Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last night I went to a Philadelphia Phillies game with my dad, something I have done every year for the past 20 years. Through awkward adolescence, too cool teens and busy college years, my enjoyment and eager anticipation of this has never wavered.
As we were sitting there I started thinking how comforting it is that, whatever else has changed in our lives, this never has. My dad still talked with the other guys in the row about who should be traded while I dipped my soft pretzel in tepid cheese sauce and thought about whether I wanted ice cream or cotton candy. He still took the time to patiently explain to me why everyone was cheering or booing and still gave me an enthusiastic high five when a Phillie hit a home run.
I love knowing that, however old I am, when we go see the Phillies, I'll be his little girl; from when he would buckle me into the backseat at six to texting me last night about where to park because I was meeting him there in my own car. He'll still give me my pick of games for the season, wait for me outside the ladies' room to guide me back to our seats and buy me ice cream with extra jimmies.

Last night we talked about when I went to a game when I was six and my dad offered to leave halfway through the game and I said no thank you, I wanted to stay the whole time. I mused that it was probably because I figured the longer I was there, the more treats I would get. I still like to stay for the whole game now but it's not for the food anymore- when you're on a date with a great guy, you never want to cut it short.


Sally Bacchetta said...

Awwwwwwwwww. Such a sweet post! It must be great to have that kind of a relationship with your dad. Thanks for sharing your ball game with the blogosphere.

AliG said...

Thanks for reading, Sally!

Kristina said...

Love this post. What a great dad.