Sunday, November 23, 2008

'Godfather! The Musical'

I had a really fun Friday night. I actually got out of work by 5:30 and went to the city to meet my friends Natalie and Laura. We had dinner and drinks at Blockheads and then sat there drinking margaritas until 10:00 when we went right next door to see a really funny off-Broadway play called “My First Time,” the name is pretty self-explanatory- it was hilarious.

After that we were a little tipsy and a little giddy and hopped in a cab to go across town to meet Natalie’s boyfriend and a few other people at a bar where they were doing Karaoke. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist a microphone and a crowd of drunks so I was pumped.

On the cab ride over we tried to get a picture of the three of us- didn’t work out too well but it was a fun ride.

The first thing I noticed when we got there was the group of large, shiny-suited, slick-haired, bejeweled Italian men congregated around a couple of tables.

“Oh my God,” we said to each other. “Do mobsters like Karaoke?”

Indeed they do, my friends, indeed they do.

I have since christened them the Judy Garland Mafia and do they ever love their early ‘90’s power ballads.

I didn’t get to talk to any of them but I’ve given them my own names and I would like to tell you briefly about each one:

Joey the Sparkler- my personal favorite. While walking around with a fruity drink in a wine glass filled with ice, he always made sure his left hand was held up next to his chest so that his large pinky ring could catch the light at every opportunity.

Vinny Windpipes- what a voice- from Billy Joel to Whitney Houston, he didn’t even need a microphone, but that didn’t stop him from using one.

Tony the Hangnail- wouldn’t let anyone have the spotlight, tried to grab a mic while Vinny was singing and when the Karaoke mistress wouldn’t let him he went and stood right behind Vinny so everyone would be looking at him too.

Frank- seemed like they just kind of let him hang out but he wasn’t really part of the group; maybe someone’s cousin from out of town.

We really didn’t know what to make of these gentlemen, should we cheer for them? Should we just listen respectfully? Should we only sing Sinatra songs?
After a while we couldn't take it anymore and had to leave, it was just too mixed a bag of nuts in that place, but it was fun while it lasted. I may have to go back, though just to see if they are there again. Also, I would just really love to Vinny’s rendition of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” again.

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dzignjulz said...

haha I LOVE karaoke nights... although I have never actually seen the Judy Garland Mafia at one. I'm sure they were a hit with the ladies though, eh?