Monday, November 10, 2008

My Version of Eat Pray Love i.e. Eat Drink Eat

I can't believe I haven't really posted anything about my trip to Italy. After so much build up you'd think I'd have a lot to say about it but I just got distracted by so much other stuff when I got home that it just didn't happen.

There's too much to document it all here but I thought I'd list some of the highlights:

- Climbing up to the top of the Duomo and seeing the incredible views from the top

- Meeting one of my sister's local friends who, when learning I was her sister replied
"Seeester? Ah yes, I see it, same as beautiful."

- Eating gelato at least once a day

- Eating an entire pizza in approximately 11 minutes after a day of touring Rome (with
mushrooms, sausage and onions, in case you're wondering)

- My sister and I forcing ourselves to finish a half liter of red wine eventhough we were full and
drunk and then somehow finding room for gelato

- Having a picnic in the Boboli Gardens behind the Piti Palace

- Getting an Italian haircut from a hairdresser who turned out to be a Yugoslavian named Bob

- Going to a bar that looked like an Irish pub, where the employees looked Goth and they played
Reggae music

- Creating makeshift pirate costumes for Halloween from stuff we found at the 99 Euro cent

- Hearing the couple behind me in the customs line at the airport arguing about where to go to
get to the official the fastest, it sounded something like this:

Wife: "Get ovah there, Morris, get in that line!"
Husband: "Where do you want me to go- they all go to the same place!"
Wife: "For God's sake, Morris, move ya feet, all these people are getting ahead of us"
Husband: "Will you shut ya mouth, I'm movin as fast as I can, Jesus Christmas."

- Waiting for my car service to pick me up and seeing, through the sea of black sedans, a long
white limosine pull up in the distance and knowing, deep down, that it was my ride and then, in
fact, seeing a sign on it's dashboard with my name in all caps
All in all, a great trip.

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