Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pretty Nice Little Saturday

1) I have been taking the NJ transit bus into the city for my improv class on Saturdays. I had literally no cash on me today so I thought I'd go to the ATM across the street from the stop and then go to the CVS and get change so I wouldn't have to pay the driver with a twenty. As I walked up to the ATM the bus pulled up. I knew I'd miss that one but there is usually another like five minutes behind it. Then the second bus pulled up right behind the first before I had a chance to get any money.

2) I was late to improv class.

3) Class is three hours long so at the halfway point we take a break. When I went into the bathroom I saw that I had almost an entire flake of Special K resting delicately on the collar of my sweater. It had most likely been there since I'd eaten breakfast two and half hours before, and had definitely been there through the three scenes I'd done in front of my whole class.

4) On my way home I saw a small truck with lettering (like official, not a cutesy bumper sticker) across the rear windshield and bumper that said "Caution: Working Border Collies On Board." I made myself laugh thinking of the owner of the truck telling someone "I'm warning you, Sir, if you don't cease and desist, they will herd you ."

5) I got home and continued reading the third book in the "Twilight" series, embarrassed for myself for compulsively reading these poorly written books, but not letting that stop me.

6) Right now I need to be getting ready to go out to dinner and then back to the city for a show but instead I am eating an entire bag of popcorn one kernel at a time and writing on my blog.

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