Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank You for Being a Friend

So for today's play date with my little sister, T-Bone, we got plain t-shirts, glitter paint, various pink appliques that said things like "Princess," "Angel" and "Girl Talk," gold lame' iron on letters and a hot pink feather boa and planned to create some sweet fashionable tops.

I kept mine relatively simple. I made some designs with the glitter paint and then made it an uplifting homage to The Office writing "You have no idea" on the front and "How high I can fly" on the back.

T-Bone had much grander plans. The pink boa was cut into three pieces and glued around the collar and sleeves. The Princess applique went front and center. On the back in the gold letters she spelled out the word "Chill" (didn't get an explanation of why) and on the front in multi-colored glitter paint she wrote "The Golden Girls."

"Do you and your friends call yourselves the Golden Girls?" I asked.

"Nope," she replied.

"Oh, well do you just like the show then?"

"What show?" She was unfamiliar with this classic sitcom.

"So, you just wanted to write 'The Golden Girls' on there just because?"

"Yup, and I'm going to write 'Field Day' on there too."

"Fair enough."

I don't question anything she says or does anymore, it just makes my head hurt.

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