Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye, Cupcake

If you know me, you know I have an intense, at times uncontrollable sweet tooth. So one of my favorite places in Montclair is Gimmee Jimmies Cookie Bar. It has been my go-to spot for a while now to get amazing cupcakes and cookies. The thing that made them so special is that every cupcake was different. They were all decorated with bright colors and designs like tic-tac-toe, smiley faces, flowers, anything the little staff of bakers came up with.

I went there a couple weeks ago and they were closed with a sign saying they were preparing for a grand re-opening with their new five star pastry chef, or something along those lines.

I finally went back last night with a friend, excited to see what fancy new stuff they had added to their line up. The shop itself looked a little different, but what struck me most was the difference in the cupcakes. No fun colors, no wacky designs, not a huge variety from what I could see. The cupcakes looked fancy, but they didn't look fun. They were also either really big or really small and some of them looked like they had whipped cream on them instead of frosting- not cool.

I couldn't hide my disappointment even a little bit, I couldn't help it, I created a totally uncomfortable situation for the person working behind the counter. I just looked at the dessert cases, distraught. My friend patted my head and talked to me like a distressed child, asking in soothing tones, "do you want a cookie instead? How about the red velvet, they still look good, how about that, hmm, what do you think?"

"No, it's not the same. They look so different. I guess I'll just have an M&M cookie." The woman working handed it to me with an apologetic look and guiltily took my money.

Gimmee Jimmy's, if you have Google Alerts and happen to see this, please, at least keep some of the fun stuff. Whenever I introduced people to your wonderful selection of treats, the beautiful, bright cupcakes with loads of icing were what they remembered and what got them excited to come back. Please, if not for me, do it for the kids- actually really for me, kids won't miss what they never had. I, however, love those GD cupcakes.

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