Friday, August 21, 2009

Mazel Tov!

A week ago today I was in Pittsburgh helping my best friend from highschool, Beth get ready for her wedding. I've reached that age where all my friends get married and pretty soon I'll reach that age where they all start having babies. While I'm not there myself (my dad observed that I actually flinched away from the bouquet when it was thrown to the single ladies), I do take an immense amount of joy in these major milestones for my friends.

This wedding ceremony took place in the gorgeous Heinz Chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The only drawback of a summer wedding in such an old building is the lack of air conditioning. At one point I thought I might actually pass out when I stood up to do a reading but I yelled at myself to get it together, took a deep breath and was fine.

Since the groom was Jewish they had some of those cool traditions like stomping the glass. I think shouting "Mazel Tov!" after he did that was my favorite part of the ceremony since, honestly, how often do you get to shout in church?

They also did the thing where they lift the bride and groom up on chairs at the reception. That as so fun and I was able to capture some of it on video.

I was so glad that my parents could come, since they've known Beth since we were both super awkward freshmen in high school.

I actually alluded to that in my toast at the reception. We didn't like each other the first day of school, she thought I was snobby and I thought she was weird. By the third day, though, it was like we'd both just accepted that despite our differences, we were destined to be great friends.


beth said...

Ha! I'm really glad you posted this. It's the first tangible documentation I've seen that proves that our wedding actually happened!

Thanks for everything Ali! I love you and am so glad we got past each other's snobby, weird ways. You da, you da best.

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