Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goodbye, Cupcake II- For Real This Time

A while back I wrote this post about the disappointing so-called "grand reopening" of one of my favorite Montclair establishments, Gimme Jimmy's cookies.

What could be worse than going there and finding the sweet treats you love altered in size, presentation and flavor? Going back three months later hoping they've read your blog and come to their senses and instead finding the entire business gone.

That's what happened tonight. I went to dinner with my former roommate, who I guess I can now just call my friend, and we decided to give GJ's another shot. Perhaps they'd gotten feedback from loyal locals who wanted the fun designs and loads of icing back. We walked down Church street and realized early on that something was amiss.

There were no tables and chairs outside; the name wasn't on the awning; there was no gentle light in the windows or sweet, yeasty scent wafting from the open door.

There was, instead, an empty, darkened room with a "For Rent" sign in the window.


My own personal baked good heaven, gone.

It is indeed a dark day for frosting lovers of Northeast... or at least Essex County New Jersey...or at least residents of downtown Montclair...really I'm just pretty sad.

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