Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boy (who failed chemistry) Meets Girl (who failed basic social interaction)

If you're on a date with someone and you're just not feeling a spark but you get the impression they feel differently- how do you get the message across that the chemistry is not there without being rude?

If you're me, apparently, you avoid eye contact, speak nonsensically (and fast) and hold you car key poised like a weapon when he walks you to your car.

What if then he still doesn't get it and slyly maneuvers himself so that he is strategically positioned between you and the haven of your car interior and you can't even reach for the door handle without leaning directly into him?

It seems in that situation that I would try to inch around to a place where I could reach out a hand and make a grab for the door handle. Also I'd continuously hit the unlock button to make sure the door was ready for me when I made my move.

What then if, in your attempt to get close to the car door you inadvertently got close enough for your date (being totally incapable of picking up on nonverbal signals or body language) reached out to cup your face, said "Come here" and went in for a kiss.

Well, if you're me, a recent study shows that you would duck your head, turn away and when he says "what, no kiss?" you would reply "Uh, sorry, I'm awkward. I'm awkward and shy."

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