Monday, May 26, 2008

How I Spent My Memorial Day Vacation

There are those things in life that you worry about happening but rarely do- locking your keys in your car, walking around with your zipper down, sharting in public. But yesterday one of those sort of things happened to me. It wasn't even one I'd actually considered before but it turns out it is something to add to my list of life concerns.

I went to the gym and decided to stop by the bathroom before leaving the locker room. When I turned the lock it seemed loose but I didn't really think anything of it. Then I tried to open the door- no dice. The little lock knob just kept turning and turning. I knew it wouldn't unlock but still I turned it. I heard someone washing their hands and I kept turning the knob hoping they would wonder why and ask if they could get me some help, they apparently weren't worried about the constant turning of the lock and promptly left.

So then I had the decision to make- waiting for someone else to come in and asking them to get someone to help or take advantage of the fact that nobody else was in there and gracelessly crawl under the stall to get out through a door that worked. It only took about thirty seconds to make the choice. I took one last listen for anyone else in the bathroom, got down on my side and tried to keep my face as far from the floor as possible.

After I got out and washed my hands I honestly considered skipping my work out and going home; I figured I'd had enough excitement, but instead I brushed myself off and put the episode behind me.

At least now I know a little more about what type of person I am- one totally willing to slide around on the floor of a public bathroom rather than ask for help...not sure how what type of person that is, but that's me.

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