Saturday, May 24, 2008

Working On My 27 Dresses

I had my final bridesmaid dress fitting for my friend Maleesa's wedding today. It fits. Phew.
I was really worried that I'd gained 20 pounds in the last two months without realizing it. I just pictured the motherly Irish seamstress trying to zip it up, clucking her tongue at me, tapping her finger to her chin and saying "we've got a problem here, love."

I had a scare, too, because I didn't realize that part of the tag was caught in the zipper and it wouldn't go up (that's what she said) and I had a panicked moment thinking my nightmare had come true. But then I found the seamstress and some scissors and all was well.

I actually think it may have fit better this time than last time. But maybe my expectations were lower after the reaction I got the first time I tried it on.

The seamstress had come in after I was already zipped up and after tugging here and smoothing there she stood back and said "It doesn't need to be altered or let out or anything but maybe if you wear some Spanx it will look just right."

"I already am wearing Spanx."

"Oh, well, it looks just fine then."

"Can I take it off now?"

Today she said it looked perfect and I chose to believe her. Now I just have to avoid gaining 20 pounds in the next two weeks and I'm home free.

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