Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reading This Won't Add to Your Life in Any Way

I was trying to think of what to blog about this week and nothing was really coming to me. Then I remembered something I tweeted recently. I heard someone telling a story, fraught with indignation, prefacing every new thought with the words "I said." It sounded something like:

"I said, that's not my problem, you know, and she's all whatever. I said, if that's how you wanna be that's on you, whatever, I said, that shit is wack." Or something like that...

Anyway- I tweeted that I hated when people did that. So I was thinking, why not a blog post about stuff I just don't like. Here we go:

- Seeing children in casinos

- Pleated front pants

- Whipped icing

- Transitions lenses (sorry Dad)

- The phrase "I'm the type of person that..."

- Mispronunciation

- Over-enthusiastic aerobics instructors

- Stating the obvious

- Being told the same story multiple times (sorry Mom)

- Pretty much any slang term for female anatomy

- When I parallel park perfectly on the first try and no one is there to see it

- Apostrophe abuse (though I love the blog dedicated to pointing it out)

I also asked a few people close to me what they thought of as things I don't like (is there no end to the narcissism web 2.0 leads to?) and here are a couple of my favorite responses:

From my sister: Girls wearing current trends i.e. you were anti-leggings and Uggs in 2006

From my mom: Any clothes your mother buys you

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